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Fumigation services

Whether you operate a bulk terminal, flour mill, stock feed manufacturer, country accumulation site or on farm storage, our staff have the experience and the capability to fumigate your silo, bunker, shed or silo bag to meet your schedule. GSS manage the complete fumigation & treatment process from Risk Analysis and Documentation, Isolation and Sealing of Equipment, Cordoning and Area Control, Ongoing monitoring, and Final Clearing and Certification. We strive to find the best fumigation or treatment option for your business, we work with our chemical and fumigant suppliers to come up with novel approaches and ideas for their products. We participate in trials of new equipment, and techniques and regularly attend domestic and international conferences to ensure we are using the latest techniques for our customers.

Grain storage fumigations

We specialise in grain, agricultural product and space fumigations. Grain fumigations are unique and specialised in comparison to general fumigation. Considerations such as target insect, fumigant selection, storage type, grain type and importing country requirements mean you should always ensure your fumigation contractor should be well experienced in grain fumigation. We have the knowledge and equipment to handle any size fumigation. For silos larger than 600m3 we recommend that your silo should have recirculation, our team can fit a temporary system to ensure the fumigation is successful.

Container fumigations

At GSS we operate to the highest standards and are one of the only businesses who offer forced ventilation of grain containers following a fumigation. Opening the doors overnight may clear the head space of fumigant but will do little to remove the fumigant from the grain bulk. Our forced ventilation procedure ensures that every container that leaves your facility is free from dangerous levels of fumigants throughout the bulk.

Empty storage and warehouse fumigations

Structural fumigations of mills and warehouses and food handling facilities require attention to detail, professional, safe and effective service. GSS can assess the needs of your situation and recommend the best type of treatment, one that eradicates all life stages of the pests and has a minimal impact on your business operations. We are the industry leaders in using Zythor™, Vapormate™, or Eco2fume to treat your storage or warehouse for stored grain insects and moths.

Organic Treatment

We are the industry leaders in organic grain fumigations. Our team can handle treatment of your organic storage of any size, talk to us today about your organic treatment requirements.

Organic treatments are expensive so don't waste time and money getting it wrong, contact GSS.

Fumigant Options
We offer fumigations using Zythor™, Aluminium Phosphide, Eco2fume™, Carbon dioxide, Vapormate™, Methyl Bromide.

  • On farm storage fumigation
  • Silo fumigation
  • Shed fumigation
  • Bunker fumigation
  • Silo bag fumigation
  • Container fumigation
  • Bin fumigation
  • Flour mill fumigation