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We realise that whilst storing grain is simple, its not easy. Use us as your support to answer any question you might have and to provide the advice you need to avoid costly rejections and grain losses. Regardless of your situaition we can give you the solutions and the prevention steps you need to ensure it doesnt happen to you again! Prevention is always better than the cure.

Onfarm Workshops

With a combined 40 years experience in storing and handling grain. We run down to earth workshops to give beginners the steps they need to corrdctly store their harvested products and give the more experienced farmers and storage providers, tips and aids to improve their current practice.

Collateral Management

We provide collateral stock verification for commodity finance nationally for financial institutions.

Advice on purchasing grain storage

Before you sign off on any new grain storage, let us verify exactly what you are purchasing. We have seen issues on site where a lack of communication leads to problems in the future.

Fumigation Recirculation Systems

Improve your sealed silo to enable rapid distribution of fumigants and fast clearance times.

Zythor™ Stewardship

Training on the safe use and handling of Zythor™.

Onsite Accreditation

To gain access to K-Obiol Combi™ through our exclusive 'come to you' accreditation process.
GSS also provide accreditation and access to Conserve Grain Protector used exclusively by grain accumulation businesses